retiring this blog

22 Mar

it’s been fun but I haven’t kept it up in the way that I want to. I have two new blogs. one is dedicated to living my life and having as much fun as I can for as cheap as I can (activities, clothing, food, etc). It can be found at The other one is dedicated to my path to enlightenment through mental and physical health. It can be found at Thanks for reading this blog. I have had fun and I really appreciated the support. Follow me on tumblr!


xoxo Rach

the shop is up and running

2 Mar

Over the past few weeks I have slowly been setting up my vintage etsy shop. I have close to 100 items to post. So far I have posted 39. The shop can be found here, and here are some items that are posted and up for sale:


check it out, tell your friends!



delayed NYFW wrap-up

27 Feb

I am really late on this, but after checking out the remaining shows from New York Fashion Week, here are some more of my favs:

Anna Sui:

I always love her shows. I am not into prints, really, and I barely wear them, but I love all the prints she does. always. so great.

Diesel Black Gold:

Derek Lam:


Marc by Marc Jacobs:


Nanette Lapore:

Betsey Johnson Fall 2011

16 Feb

Pause on my coverage of Fashion Week for a moment. I’ll get to the other shows I like later. This is more important. If you know me, you probably are aware of my love, love, love for Betsey Johnson. She’s been my favorite designer, and my idol, since I was 8 years old. I became obsessed with fashion because of her.  I even worked at one of the stores (Columbus Ave) for about 6 months and it was the best job I ever had. Every season I get super excited for her shows. Not because the RTW lines are particularly wearable (they usually aren’t), but because she doesn’t follow trends. She marches to the beat of her own drum and to do it continuously, year after year, for as long as she has, is admirable in that industry. Her creativity, love of color and patterns, always makes me smile. This season is no different. I know most people find her weird, but I think she is just the bee’s knees. thumbs up, again, Betsey.

I really want that sweater.

I’ll take those leopard print tights in every color, please and thank you.

NYFW Fall/Winter 2011

12 Feb

So it’s not even Spring and as always, the fashion world is already look towards next Fall/Winter. Fashion week just started but I have to say, so far I’m not very impressed. I know that Fall/Winter RTW lines are always more drab than the Spring/Summer ones, but a lot of these lines are pretty much all black or grey. No thanks. Winter is depressing enough as it is. Keep in mind, I don’t judge lines based on their creative qualities or their overall aesthetic; I judge them based on whether or not I’d be caught dead wearing them. Here are some of the outfits from lines I did like, though:

Steven Alan:


I used to work in a store that sold Doo.Ri. I’ve always been impressed with her draping. Quality clothes, for sure.

Richard Chai LOVE:

Rebecca Minkoff (my favorite so far):

Mara Hoffman:

Luca Luca:


Jason Wu:

My goal for Fall and for my work wardrobe: own several pairs of well-tailored pants.

over winter

9 Feb

Lately I’ve been daydreaming a lot about bikinis, short shorts, sandals, and sun dresses. I am so very ready for warm weather after this horrible winter. Luckily, February is flying by. Spring will be here soon enough (I hope!!). For now, here’s another cold weather outfit. Enjoy.


Dress: Forever 21; Cardigan: Thrifted; Belt: Forever 21; Necklace: Antique Skeleton Key; Tights: Forever 21: Socks: Urban Outfitters; Boots: Vintage

guess who’s back?

8 Feb

so after a long hiatus due to a major computer problem, a super busy schedule, and overall laziness, I am back. I know, I know, super exciting. It’s been awhile and since the last time I’ve posted I started an etsy shop. I still have a lot of goodies to post after a big photo shoot,  but you can find what I have so far HERE. It’s not much, but it will be. Anyways, let’s get to it: daily outfit post.

Dress: American Apparel; Sweater: Express; Belt: Forever 21; Necklace: Antique Skeleton Key; Tights: Urban Outfitters; Socks: Urban Outfitters; Boots: Vintage

As you can see, I need a tripod and better places to shoot indoors cause it’s crazy cold outside. Ready for spring!!


xoxo Rach


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